From the vineyard to the glass.

Winemaking Philosophy

The aim of the game.

At Woodlands our aim is to maintain as much purity of fruit as possible – to enable you to see the vineyard in the glass.

To achieve this goal, when Woodlands receive fruit we make as much use of gravity and vibration as possible, enabling us to remove any vegetal matter without damaging the berries.

Processing the Fruit

The Oscillys

Once harvested, the fruit is placed in our vibrating hopper. After being filled with fruit, the hopper lifts itself up in the air before vibrating the fruit into the destemmer. This very gentle process ensures that the fruit stays in perfect condition prior to being destemmed.

Our state of the art destemmer utilises shaking cages, rather than beating the fruit. This innovative process is the most gentle form of grape removal in the world, and Woodlands is one of a handful of wineries to use this technology.

The Sorting Table

Only the best make the cut.

Once destemmed, the fruit then passes over a vibrating sorting table. As in the case of the leading Chateaux of Bordeaux, this sorting table has been placed between our destemmer and the crusher, enabling us to sort through the crush berry by berry.

After being sorted and crushed, the grapes make their way into small stainless steel tanks to begin fermentation. To do this we use a rotary pump, which by design is the most gentle pump available.

Barrelling Down

Oak Treatment

Woodlands wines can spend up to 45 days on skins during fermentation before they are transferred into tight grain French oak barrels for maturation. Wines spend between 14 and 21 months in barrel before being blended, bottled, and cellared.