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Space – we all crave it, try to create it and it’s essential. And space is especially important when it comes to cellaring your wine.


As part of our membership we have provided the solution to that elusive question of more space. Allow your cellar to grow in our secure, climate-controlled wine storage facility. It’s the perfect place for storing your wine for the long term, or maybe you just need us to keep that special case out of reach!


You can access your cellar at any stage, just give us a couple of days notice, and we can send it to you when requested. And the cost? $20 per year, charged just once a year, no matter how much Woodlands you’re storing. Simple.


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    All your questions answered

    How much does it cost to store my wine?

    The cost of your membership cellar is $20 per year billed once annually. This will be charged to the same card as your subscription – unless we are notified otherwise. No hidden handling fees.

    When will I be charged?

    The payment will occur at the same time as your subscription payment is billed. However, if you are already a member and you sign up for the “cellar” option after you have already had your annual membership payment billed, we will only charge you pro rata till your next payment is due.

    Are there any other fees?

    $0 initiation fee/$0 cancellation fee. No extra fees here. Suspend or cancel your cellar option at any stage without penalty fees.

    Can I access my wines whenever I want?

    Of course, it is your cellar after all!  You can access your wines all year round, we will just require 5 days’ notice to access the wines for you. Either phone or email us which wines and we will get them ready for you, to post or for you to collect in person.

    How will my wine be stored?

    Your wine will be stored in a secure, temperature-controlled environment especially for wine. If your wine is under cork, we will have these stored correctly for you.

    How much wine can I store?

    You can cellar as much as you like at no extra charge to your annual fee.

    How will my wines be identified?

    Whenever you choose to store wines with us your membership ID, full name and address will be assigned to your wines.

    Will my wine be insured?

    All risk insurance is included in our rates. For full details please go to the following link for terms and conditions.

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